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Welcome to Homa Pakat website. Homa Pakat is an envelope and pocket producer that was established in 1975. It is the most modern manufacturer of any type and size in Iran. Now, Homa Pakat has a very strong market position in Iran and its goal is to have a major share in Asian market; especially in the Middle East.  
We manufacture all our envelopes by full automatic envelope and pocket machines which are W+D machines. There is nothing we do not know about envelopes. Homa Pakat Company makes sure your envelopes are always of the best quality and you can have your order at the right time. Homa Pakat has the widest variety of envelopes and this is because we believe in vast usage of envelopes in the next years.
At present, Homa Pakat provides envelopes and pockets for banks, different public utility companies, post, telephone and communication companies, etc. in Iran.










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